What is Solar Thermal?

Solar Energy Systems harness the radiant light and heat from the sun, in order to naturally heat water and supplement the hot water demands in your home.

How does Solar Thermal work?

Coils of copper pipe can be found inside a the flat plate solar panel which is called a collector. This is fitted to the side of your roof and when the sun shines this heats up the water that slowly moves through the collector.

There is a transfer fluid that pushes through the pipes and once this reaches the required temperature it is pumped into a heat exchanger (thermal store). This ‘transfer fluid’ then transfers its heat into the hot water through the heat exchanger which stays in the thermal store ready for use whenever you need it.

When the water within the thermal store falls below a set temperature it triggers the pump to start up and the process is repeated again.

Why invest in Solar Thermal?

Sunlight is free so although you have an initial outlay for installation your hot water bills could be reduced by up to 80% every year – forever!

Solar Thermal works on daylight not sunshine so can help to provide hot water throughout the year, even on cold days.

All Solar Thermal installations are covered under the RHI Scheme so you can earn an extra income simply by installing panels on your roof.


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