Aspire Eco Energy Ltd

Aspire was formed in 2002 by Grant Hutchinson and Leigh Myers as a property maintenance company. Grant and Leigh have been good friends since meeting at college nearly 30 years ago and base their business around people, both the team that work in Aspire and the customers they work for.

A bit of history: Originally the company was called H&M Installations and comprised of just Grant and Leigh based from a spare room at Grants house. Around 2008 they developed an interest in solar energy after being asked to install a solar thermal system for a customer. This lead to training course after training course to get up to speed with the finer details and regulations around such an installation. After that H&M Installations became Aspire Solar and the focus was on renewable energy in general – more training courses!!

Aspire Solar grew with the introduction of the MCS scheme in 2009 and then the Feed-In Tariff in 2010. With Aspire Solar being one of the first MCS accredited companies in Derbyshire the business grew quickly and moved into new premises at Coney Green Business Centre.

At the end of 2011, the commercial Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was launched by the UK government. This scheme enables business owners and other organisations to access funding to produce heat from renewable technologies such as heat pumps and biomass boilers. In the months leading up to the launch the guys at Aspire could see an opportunity so you guessed it – more training courses!!

In 2012 the company name was changed to Aspire Eco Energy as it branched out into the renewable heating sector. Despite a few ups and downs Aspire has grown steadily and has established itself as a reliable, friendly and conscientious local business. When I say ‘local’ we do have installations up in Scotland!

Aspire has a central team and brings in selected high quality sub contractors when required.

Meet the team

Grant Hutchinson – director

Biomass, heat pumps and solid fuel. “I like fire I do”

Leigh Myers – director

Heat pumps, solar PV and solar thermal. “Mr Clean”

Johanna Smederod – office manager

All the paper – keeps the above in line.

Adam ‘Bam’ Wilson – top man

Super apprentice – now fully qualified so we can’t call him that any more! “knows his onions”

Chris Cassidy – a man of many pipes

Solid fuel, biomass, heat pumps, gas, oil, if it heats water he can fix it!