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NBE Productions have had a number of problems with version 7 and version 10 controllers with the date moving into 2021. New software is available for both controllers and methods of installing it are below.


Unsure which controller version you have? Version 7 has a screen with navigation buttons to the side of it. Version 10 is touch screen only, no buttons. See below for software updating instructions for both types of controller.


Problem Description: After the controller clock switched to 2021 the controller begins to constantly reboot and display the message “Exception Cause=276826140”

To get your system up and running again, perform one of the following two options:

Option 1: Downloading software via internet

  1. Temporarily disconnect the controller from the internet by removing the LAN connection plug at the router or on the printboard.
  2. Restart the controller/(allow to reboot) and quickly enter the menu by pressing the Menu button when the front dashboard image of the boiler is in view. DO NOT hold down the MENU but only do a quick press of the button. If it does not work, try again when the system reboots until it succeeds.
  3. Enter the “System Settings” menu (number 18 on newer versions)
  4. Go to the parameter YEAR and set the year back to 2017
  5. Reconnect the LAN plug into the controller to reestablish the internet
  6. Go to the DOWNLOAD menu and wait for the download version 7.0674 to be available.
  7. Download 7.0674

Option 2: Downloading of new software via sd card

  1. Power off controller
  2. Download the sd card software for version 7.0674 for either the version 7 controller or version 7 RTB here
  3. Extract only the files on to a blank micro sd card
  4. Insert the micro sd card into the controller’s sd card slot.
  5. Repower the controller. The controller will then begin loading the new software.


Some version 10 controllers have experienced a constant rebooting or generally strange behaviour after the New Years date change to 2021.  To correct this problem and to download the latest software choose from one of the following options :

Option 1: Update v10 controller via the internet

  1. Check to see that your controller is online
  2. Go to MENU 14: Download
  3. Download version 10.0525.  Note: If you do not see this version in the download menu check to see that your controller is online.  You can determine if you are online if you find a small globe on the right corner of the white information box (see picture below)
  4. If you still experience problems downloading the software, go to SECTION 1 below.

Option 2:  Update version 10 controller via sd card

  1. Retrieve the latest version 10 sd card download  10.0525 in the downloads menu here and find the tab Version 10 to find the sd card update.
  2. Download 10.0525 and copy and paste all files in the folder onto a blank sd card.
  3. Power off the controller
  4. Insert micro sd card in the sd card slot
  5. Repower and wait for the files to load on the controller.
  6. After all files are loaded remove the sd card
  7. The controller will then reboot and run with the latest software.

SECTION 1: ONLY perform if you have experienced problems downloading 10.0525 over the internet.

  1. Disconnect your controller from the internet by unpluging the LAN connection
  2. Restart the controller or allow to reboot and open up the menu list by taping on the center of the touchscreen as soon as the front dashboard with the image of the boiler is visible.
  3. Go to menu  16: SYSTEM
  4. Change the date year from 2021 to 2010.
  5. Reconnect to the internet with LAN cable
  6. Wait for the internet to come back and then go to menu 14. DOWNLOAD
  7. Download version 10.0525

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